So it all began by looking into working from home so that I may spend more time with the family. Putting my computer to better use than just hard core gaming every day and every night. I had never even heard of Bitcoin prior to this experiment, never saw or noticed any of the millions of adverts that bombard our browsers. But this all changed when looking for the best ways to make money from home. I basically came across all this from doing online forms and surveys. One thing lead to another and I was earning bits which required me to set up a digital wallet. After a little research Electrum was my choice and it worked straight away. So for form filling, survey taking and all the rest of this nonsense I basically started to earn Bitcoin without knowing what I was doing. I was in a position not knowing what these bits were for or where they go. All I knew was they weren’t making a thing in my wallet so I had to figure out where they got sent.

I basically ended up signing on an exchange for trading cryptocurrencies and the first place I landed was Now I will go way into more detail later on in regards to all this exchange and trading but let me tell you the first thing I thought when I was here. Oh my god we have landed on a stock exchange. It is so similar to it that if you have experience at all with the stock market then you will feel comfortable here. I on the other hand didn’t have any clue so therefore more research was in order and I will share my exchange experiences later on.

After more research and insight of skimming through thousands of god damn pages on search engines I realised that my computer could also start working and earning while I learn. So I started learning all about these hundreds of coins that are available to mine and that these coins have different algorithms to mine them. Well if these coins have algorithms then my computer can do the solving because I am useless at it. Now this for me didn’t take a few hours it literally took days and having a mentality of being patient at all times makes life easier when starting out. So I landed on minergate, this was literally the first place I started to mine my crypto’s at.

Now from here I started meeting miners in minergate and on forums etc, they have all helped me along the way and we even built a discord server for mining talk so that we all can share our findings and help one another. You will find their own stories from what they have written up and allowed me to give to you guys to get an insight on their experiences and mining lives. MinerStories


Now starting out is not difficult if you are in the know-how of over clocking, modding and have time to research everything that is required to get up and running. Obviously to start out I landed on and honestly it is absolutely brilliant and even a fun place to learn pretty much the basics and entry level mining requirements. You can earn your first couple of coins on here which will in turn convert to Bitcoin on one of the many exchanges. Many people start out by downloading the GUI for their desired operating system. I even gave this a whirl and you can make some coins using this method. This is totally the recommended way to start out as once you have a few coins you can withdraw to exchange and start learning them while making coins.

On you meet all sorts of people and if you pay attention to the chat you will notice all kinds of people. Some are great knowledgeable miners who have been there for years but most are new guys that literally are just starting and ask pretty much the most basic of basic stupid dumb questions which they could use Google to find the answer. The problem is they want to make money fast and do not realize that in this game there is not a fast way to make money and telling them to be patient is something they pay zero attention to. Like every pool on the network this place has its bugs and issues, yet people still cry that the dashboard is offline or they can’t see their mined shares or balance. Usually it is as simple as refreshing your browser and waiting a few minutes. Other times there is a genuine issue and you just have to wait until their team fixes the issue. I can say that they always get back on top of it and you balances will update. People panic and like I keep saying patience is key.

The reason people are making so much money in today’s markets is because they have investing power. If you are here to start mining I swear to god you better have some patience, common sense and some knowledge of computers. If not trust me this is not for you and you will likely wind up in debt trying to cover electricity costs and so on. Every day I see these people and I face palm myself thinking what the damn hell are you doing here. Stop. Please Stop. These guys basically have no patience and they spam chat like you have never seen before. Repeating the same thing over and over again and they could literally copy and paste their pain into google and get an answer faster.

Anyways once you get to grips with what your hardware is capable of mining with your CPU and GPU then it is strongly recommended that you advance on to the command line mining programmes. When you do ask in chat for assistance with batch files if you don’t feel comfortable but I always think it is best practice to learn this on your own because it will be your future of mining. Once you understand the commands you put in the batch files you can really start tweaking this for many other algorithms and coins. In my personal experience I always looks at the options that I have available by checking the help batch file or the read me file, honestly this will always help you so much in regards to optimizing your command line software to work best with your specific hardware.

Finally if you are mining here then you will likely need to know that each coin confirms at a certain amount then it is added to your balance these values are.

  • AEON                         Confirms: 0.005     Withdraw: 0.01
  • Bitcoin                       Confirms: N/A        Withdraw: 0.01
  • Bytecoin                    Confirms: 20           Withdraw: 100
  • Dashcoin                   Confirms: 0.1          Withdraw: 0.01
  • DigitalNote                Confirms: 1             Withdraw: 1
  • Ethereum:                 Confirms: 0.001      Withdraw: 0.001
  • Ethereum Classic     Confirms: 0.001      Withdraw: 0.001
  • Fantomcoin               Confirms: 1              Withdraw: 0.01
  • Litecoin                      Confirms: N/A         Withdraw: 0.01
  • Monero                       Confirms: 0.05        Withdraw: 0.1
  • MonetaVerde             Confirms: 1              Withdraw: 0.01
  • Quazarcoin                Confirms: 1              Withdraw: 0.01
  • ZCASH                         Confirms: 0.001       Withdraw: 0.0001

Now please take into account that every withdrawal will have a fee to cover the transaction. Also they sometimes have delays in the confirmed coins but they will always eventually be added to your balance. Like I keep saying patience in crypto is key.


Now then this is basically the next step in mining and requires a lot more effort in comparison to interface miners like the one uses. There are lots of different miners and more importantly there are ones for CPU’s and GPU’s separately. They are almost all available from or but remember that you need the correct miner for your hardware.

So another thing to remember is not all software supports all hardware and you will need to check if the software supports your hardware vendor like AMD, NVIDIA. Again you will need to get the latest drivers for your hardware and ensure that you have the newest SDK’s as all this will help when using these pieces of software.

The first piece of software I used was CPU-MINER-MULTI which was developed by TPRUVOT. It supports so many algorithms which means you can mine many different coins by just using your CPU. It is great for learning how to create batch files and understanding all the parameters that are needed to get your software submitting shares. When you get these pieces of software I really recommend reading the help or readme files. They will help you understand how to optimize your hardware using the given Software.

Below is a basic example of the command line required to mine bytecoin (BCN) on the minergate pool using the above software. All that is required is you create a txt file copy the below line into that txt file and enter your email. Then you save as BCN.BAT in the folder the miner software is located under the option all files.

cpuminer-gw64-corei7 -a cryptonight -o stratum+tcp:// -u your-minergate-email -p xxx – pause

Additional parameters available are –t 4 which means that the software will use 4 CPU cores when mining. The number you put after –t determines the amount of cores the software uses. Just add this after your password parameter.

So in that command line –a means algorithm to mine with. –o means the pool url that you need to mine from. –u equals the username that’s required when using the pool and –p is password which can almost always be set to x.

On this particular miner you can change the algorithm too many types which means that it actually support many coins. Below is a list of coins that I have compiled as well as the Algorithm that is used to mine that coin.

BLAKE-BLAKE2 – Coins to mine: Honey, Netko, Nevacoin, Tajcoin, Verge, Blakecoin, Decred, Lithiumcoin, Photon, Trumpcoin, UniversalMolecule

CRYPTONIGHT – Coins to mine: Bipcoin, Boolberry, Bytecoin, CannabisIndustryCoin, DashCoin, Karbowanec, Monero and Sumokoin

KECCAK – Coins to mine: Slothcoin

NEOSCRYPT – Coins to mine: Feathercoin, GunCoin, ImperialCoin, OrbitCoin and Pheonixcoin

NIST5 – Coins to Mine: IcebergCoin, Solaris

QUARK – Coins to mine: Cthulhu Offerings, DimeCoin, KumaCoin, MonetaryUnit, PIVX, Quark

QUBIT – Coins to mine: FameCoin, GeoCOin, QubitCoin

SCRYPT – Coins to mine: Allion, AmigaCoin, Argentum, ArgusCoin, Aricoin, Atmos, Atomiccoin, Audiocoin, AuroraCoin, B3 Coin, BATA, BatCoin, BeezerCoin, BenjiRolls, BestChain, BirdCoin, BitBar, BitCoinScrypt, BitcoinFast, BitGem, Bitstar, BlazeCoin, Bongger, BorgCoin, BunnyCoin, ByteBall, CageCoin, CanadaeCoin, CannaCoin, Capstone, CareerCoin, CasinoCoin, Catcoin, ChessCoin, ChronosCoin, ClamCoin, CloudCoin, CoffeeCoin, Coin 66, Coin2, Coino, Coinanat, ColossusCoin, CometCoin, CompuCoin, CoolnDarkCoin, CorgiCoin, Crave, CreativeCoin, Cypherfunks, Darsek, DIBCOIN, DigiByte, Digicube, Dnotes, Dobbscoin, Dogecoin, DonationCoin, DotCoin, DuckDuckCoin, E-Gulden, ECOcoin, EducoinV, ElaCoin, ElephantCoin, Elysium, EmeraldCrypto, ExperienceCoin, Fatcom, FastCoin, FeatherCoinClassic, FloripaCoin, FlutterCoin, Francs, FryCoin, FuelCoin, FujiCoin, FuzzBalls, GabenCoin, GameCredits, GameUnits, GapCoin, GCOin, GeertCoin, GoldCoin, GrandCoin, GrowthCoin, HoboNickels, IcoBid, ImpeachCoin, IndependantMoneySystem, InfiniteCoin, IrishCoin, IvugeoCoin, KittehCoin, KlondikeCoin, KoboCoin, LADAcoin, LeafCoin, LeoCoin, LFTCCoin, LiteBar, LiteCoin, LiteDoge, LottoCoin, LycanCoin, Mars, MbitBooks, MegaCoin, MelonClassic, MetalMusicCoin, MileyCyrusCoin, MojoCoin, Money, MotoCoin, MurrayCoin, NetCoin, NineElevenTruthCoin, NobleCoin, NovaCoin, NuBits, NuShares, NyanCoin, NZed, OctoCoin, OKCash, OpalCoin, OroCoin, PakCoin, Parallelcoin, PascalCoin, Penguin, PesetaCoin, PhilosopherStone, PinkCoin, PolishCoin, PopularCoin, PotCoin, PutinCoin, Quatloo, *RABBITCOIN*, RedCoin, Reddcoin, RimBit, RonPaulCoin, RubyCoin, RussiaCoin, SakuraCoin, Scorecoin, Sexcoin, SharkCoin, SJWCoin, SmileyCoin, SolarFlareCoin, SongCoin, SpaceCoin, SpartanCoin, Spots, StableCoin, SuicideCoin, SwagBucks, TattooCoin, TeslaCoin, Tether, TheChiefCoin, TittieCoin, TopCoin, TradeCoin, TruckCoin, VaderCorpCoin, VapersCoin, VegasCoin, VeriCoin, Verium, WarCoin, WayaWolfCoin, WildBeastCoin, WorldCoin, XtraBytes, ZeitCoin.

SHA-256 – Coins to mine: 23skidoo, 808, ACoin, Alexandrite, AnarchistsPrime, AntiBitCoin, AurumCoin, BitBean, BitCoin, C-Bit, CircuitCoin, DARK, Deutshe eMark, DubaiCoin, EDRcoin, EmbargoCoin, EmerCoin, Eurocoin, Evotion, FireFlyCoin, FireRoosterCoin, FonzieCoin, I0Coin, IncaKoin, IXCoin, JinCoin, JouleCoin, LanaCoin, LeaCoin, MazaCoin, Melit, MOIN, NameCoin, Om, OpenSourceCoin, PeerCoin, PetroDollar, Polcoin, Prototanium, SHACoin2, Sprouts, Stronghands, Swingcoin, TEKcoin, TerraCoin, TigerCoin, TitCoin, Trinity, UnbreakableCoin, UniCoin, Unobtanium, Version, ZetaCoin

SKEIN – Coins to mine: Myriad, SkeinCoin, XedosCoin

X11 – Coins to mine: ArcticCoin, BeatCoin, BnrtxCoin, BolivarCoin, Boson, Bumacoin, BVBCoin, Cannabiscoin, Condensate, CryptoClub, Dsh, DimeCoinDirty, Eryllium, Evilcoin, GoldPieces, GoldReserve, Granite, GroinCoin, InCoin, Influxcoin, Insane, iWalletCoin, JaneCoin, KarmaCoin, KashCoin, Kurrent, LookCoin, MarijuanaCoin, MarxCoin, Mustangcoin, OzzieCoin, PepeCoin, PiggyCoin, Prime-XI, SiberianChervonets, SmartCoin, SquallCoin, StartCoin, TorCoin, TransferCoin, WeAreSatoshi, ZSEcoin

X13 – Coins to mine: AmberCoin, BitcoinPlus, CloakCoin, ConquestCoin, CryptoJacks, EmberCoin, Mineum, MiracleCoin, MrsaCoin, NavCoin, PayCoin, ProfitCoin, Sativacoin, Sterlingcoin, Visio

Now on a further note all of these coins are supported via those algorithms, however eventually they can become unminable or they may switch to another algorithm. Basically this list is an overview or an example even to demonstrate how many coins a single mining programme can actually mine and all these can be done on a CPU. This is the prime reason that I use this mining application when it comes to CPU mining as it supports all these coins and more.

There is certain mining software that is really optimized for certain coins though and below you will see an example of my computer running slax-xmr-cpu.


The above image is mining Bytecoin on 6 cores and totals at 219H/s on

The 2 images below are how I configured this software to mine on 6 threads.



I really don’t want to write a list or a best CPU mining software list because the above miner does the work and even more than any miner I have found for a CPU. So you can figure that this is my number one choice miner out of all the available options. Some other miners I use are more specific to the coin you mine like XMR, I do use STAK for when I mine XMR because it is super optimized for cryptonight algorithm. So depending on what you choose to mine will be dependant on the software you use. Mining programmes specifically designed for a type of algorithm will almost always perform better than that of a multi-miner.


Same idea applies here you basically want to find a mining programme that supports as many algorithms in a one stop shop. However when people to this step into GPU mining they are most likely looking to mine ETHEREUM or ZCASH. So after extensive tests on multiple software platforms and compiling data from other hardware users I have basically come up with the best mining software to use for the above mentioned coins. Let me also tell you about your GPU’s. When you mine with your GPU’s please don’t be concerned about the temperatures unless they are reaching 90-100 degrees.

For AMD mining ETHASH:

  1. Claymore Dual Miner – The reason I gave this number one spot is because it does give you faster speeds than any other miner. It also gives you the option to mine alternate coins in conjunction with you main coin. People do have issues with the developer fee but honestly you can basically forget about the fee as it happens one time per hour for 90 seconds. The speeds you get for the fifty eight minutes and thirty seconds far outweighs the developer fee so just forget it is even happening and enjoy the faster more efficient mining fee’s. Below is an image of claymore mining Ethereum in solo mode. Below is an example of my batch file that I use to duo mine ethereum and siacoin.duomining
  2. Genoil Ethminer – This is always what everybody uses after claymore. This is the next best miner essentially. It doesn’t support dual mining so no alt coins will be mined in conjunction with your main coin and yes it will be slower than that of claymore.
  3. QTMiner – Simple and easy to use perhaps as equally good as genoil but far less popular however I have used it and seen very little difference between this and genoil when you can get the miner running. That is basically the main problem I had with QT is that you set all your parameters and run it and then it just seems to stop working.

For AMD mining ZCASH:

  1. Claymore Zcash Miner – Again the developer supports his software and ensures that his miner delivers the fastest optimized speeds for AMD possible. I found best results, fastest speeds and the most shares using this miner so definitely my top pick.
  2. Genoil ZEC Miner – Again it’s a case of what everybody else uses when they cannot use claymore or refuse to pay the dev fee. This is second best available option from my experience and does deliver adequate speeds and shares and is very popular with NVIDIA miners.

Again there is no real need to keep listing all the miners and their performance because the options I listed will be more than adequate to learn console mining get your batch files and configuration files in order and most importantly start mining with your hardware. The more time spent mining the more you will understand how to optimize these files and configure your hardware for best performance, profit and power consumption.

I hope this will continue to grow this is essentially me covering all the basics and giving my idea of best practice when getting involved. I will continue to expand by adding in images and examples and more advanced information regarding overclocking for certain algorithms and coins as well as configuring software for specific coins and algorithms.


I won’t ask for donations and I don’t expect any however I know some people like to give back to the people that help them get started or provide insightful knowledge that helps them better understand the cryptocurrency world. So if you are feeling generous then below are cryptocurrency addresses that belong to me. Remember no donation is to small.

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